This Might be Poetry

I've started to post poetry and very, very short prose to twitter. I never quite knew what to do on twitter, but a friend pointed out these writing games / contests that can be quite fun. You can catch me there at @JoshuaSkurtu or just read the ones I post here. These are a few of my favorites I wrote this weekend.

A Villain

Don't call me the bad guy

Don't call me a villain
I'm a supermotherf-er sitting on a million

Catastrophic Ideas for world domination
Take a hit of this and imagine our nation

To the ground I will burn it
And then we're gonna turn it

A Hero

Every hero has his end No matter the battle fought He'll loose every foe and friend Time heals all wounds for naught Rescue damsels in distresses, empty beneath the surface A savior of the damned, but he feels he has a purpose


"I have a splinter." "I don't care." "Why not?" "Because it's always about you. You have a splinter! Your hair is on fire! You can't breathe and your body is covered in fire ants! When can it be about me?" "Well, how are you?" "I'm fine..."


I need air to breathe My chest to heave Cries that wheeze And blood to bleed But with you I only need To end this now and f-ing leave


To walk down a cobbled avenue Without you To not obsess over the terminal hiatus Or your online status To see the emerald views blink in the open air My fingers drawn through her silken hair Freedom gives Opportunity Isolation Pain But no more Will chaos reign